Dmitriy Savchenko

Don't panic

Online Courses

After some break I started again taking online courses. At the moment I’m taking two courses on - “M101P: MongoDB for Developers (Python)” and “M102: MongoDB for DBAs”. And two courses on coursera - “Algorithms, Part I” and “Compilers”.

Diving Into Voxels

Some time ago I discovered a game called Dwarf Fortress. This game gives you a world, a bunch of dwarfs, some equipment and you start helping these dwarfs to survive in some dangerous conditions. This game runs on desktop and has old fashion (something like 80ish) interface with view from the top map, and all objects in the game are represented with ASCII symbols. There are some mods for graphics (I,ve seen even 2.5D written in Java), but today when you look at, for example, minecraft you want more.

At this point you probably think why I mentioned voxels, right?

VirtualBox Guest Additions Reinstall

Software development obviously needs some environment. After some time spent working as developer i’ve got strong filling, that this envirement should be separated from my desktop. At least vitrually.

Simple Static Blog Using Octopress

Comes to end year of owning my first hosting. I win it in New Year contest from Logol on Nice hosting, but paying even small amount of money for the thing you use one or two times a month (games twitter and work take almost all my time) is inpractical.